‘HSC exams will be held, that’s for sure’

Chairman of the Dhaka Board of Education and Chairman of the Board of Inter-Education Coordination Sub-Committee Prof. Ziaul Haq said, there will be a high school examination, but it is not sure that when the situation is normal, the Ministry of Education has decided that the exam will be held 15 days after the opening of all educational institutions

খবরটি বাংলায় পড়তে নিচে চলে যান

No decision has been made as to when the educational institutions will open, but the ministry has already informed the educational institutions about the rules and regulations that will be followed after opening. There are 31 points in this guideline. One thing has been clarified in this, educational institutions will open at least 15 days before the class starts. In those 15 days, health safety and social distance should be ensured according to 31. Point directions. Then teaching will begin

When the HSC examination will be conducted depends on the opening of the educational institution. It has been learned that the Ministry of Education generally has no plans to conduct HSC exams under special management without opening educational institutions. Therefore, it will be known exactly when the HSC exam

While there is a view that other educational institutions, including primary schools, are being opened, the Secretary of the Department of Primary and Public Education, Ministry of Education M. “We did not say that schools are opening,” said Akram al-Hussein. When the schools open, we have issued a guideline on how they will run. The decision to open the school has not been made yet, it is not possible to say when the schools will open

If the school opens in October, there is a lesson plan based on which different classes will be tested. If it opens in November, there is still a lesson plan but after that the class annual exam will not be 8. That auto promotion will be given in the next class


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