Despite the ‘criticism’, a separate board is conducting the PEC exam

There is a dispute over the conduct of the fifth grade public examination (PEC), there is also the anger of the parents. Despite all these tests, the process of creating a separate ‘primary education board’ to bring all the processes under one umbrella has begun. Till now it has been functioning under the Department of Primary Education (DPE). Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also suggested that there is increasing pressure on young students through exams. On the other hand, academics say that the fifth grade exam is not only creating stress on the students, but also creating fear

in them. Instead of developing creative talents, they are being thrown into unhealthy competition. Taking or not taking PEC tests where there is a need to reconsider; There, the process of creating a separate board for conducting PEC exams through legislation is against the national education policy. According to the Department of Elementary Education (DPE), a ‘Board of Primary Education’ is being set up for Primary Education Completion (PEC) candidates. In light of the general boards, it has been proposed to create new boards in six units. The Department of Primary Education has already drafted an ‘ordinance’ or law for the operation of the board. It has been sent to the







Ministry of Primary and Public Education for evaluation. Board activities can begin from the 2023-24 academic year. Over 30 lakh students from 85,000 government primary schools across the country are appearing for the Primary Education Completion (PEC) examination every year. Apart from the Board of Education, department officials are struggling to cope with the pressure of conducting examinations and publishing the results of so many students. All other work of the Department of Elementary Education to stop the examination is at a standstill. In this situation, the ministry wants to create a board of primary education from the 2022-23 or 2023-24 academic year. In light of this, a draft law has been formulated to create a board for junior students. As seen in the draft law of the board of

primary education, the outline of the board of primary education has been prepared in the light of the board of general education. Six new units have been set up to manage the activities of the new Board of Education. These include the Chairman’s Office, Secretary’s Office, Examination Regulatory Branch, School Management Branch, System Analyst and Monitoring Cell and Accounts Branch. A total of 12 posts of officers have been created in these departments. The supreme power of the board is delegated to the chairman. The secretary will serve as the administrative head. The Controller of Examinations is responsible for conducting examinations, evaluating books

and publishing results. Shyamal Kanti Ghosh, former Director General of DPE and Draft Law Adviser, told Jago News that the law was brought to the notice of the Board of General Education. Through this board, various activities will be conducted including registration of fifth grade students, organization of final examinations and publication of results and formation of school management committee. Currently these works are being done by the department. He said that a draft law has already been prepared under the direction of the Ministry of Primary and Public Education. It has been forwarded to the Ministry of Primary and Public Education. From there, changes may occur

in some cases following cabinet approval at the end of the assessment. According to DPE sources, despite the dissatisfaction of students and parents with the final examination of primary education, the examination is not being canceled. Along with the central examination, efforts are being made to bring all the procedures under one umbrella. As a part of this, officials are working on the formation of a separate ‘Board of Primary Education’ and how it can be implemented. The state’s primary and public education minister said recently. Zakir Hussain said that at present

there is no plan to cancel the final examination of the fifth grade. The government plans to complete this exam in more time. For this, the work of creating a separate board of education has started. After the board is formed, the final examination will be conducted and the results will be published every year. It is learned that the drafting of the law began after the recommendation of the Parliamentary Committee on the Ministry of Primary and Public Education on the formation of the Board of Primary Education. According to the parliamentary committee, the

absence of a board for examinations of more than 3 million students is not conducive to the quality of education. Therefore, we need to focus on this issue soon. The Parliamentary Committee also said that the implementation of the National Education Policy is not possible due to lack of momentum in the work of the Ministry of Primary and Public Education. The committee also recommended the ministry to be dynamic in its work to improve the quality o

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