Educational institutions should be opened by September, students are joining the movement

University students have announced to participate in a movement to reopen educational institutions that were long closed due to the Corona transition. That is why they are going to organize a human series titled ‘Want to open university by September’.

খবরটি বাংলায় পড়তে নিচে চলে যান

Sheikh Farhan, a student at Haji Danesh University of Science and Technology, confirmed the case on Tuesday. The human chain will be held on September 13 at 10 am in the central martyr tower of the capital. According to him, after the human series, the next schedule will be given in view of the situation.

Farhan said, “We had no choice but to take to the streets.” For a long time we could not attract anyone’s attention by doing a virtual movement on Facebook. We do not see any certainty as to when this closed educational institution can reopen. We have been living in extreme despair since the beginning of Student Corona. We want to draw the attention of the authorities to our claim.

“Our neighboring country Pakistan has decided to open educational institutions at three levels,” he said. We also want that we follow the rules of cleanliness and decide to open universities and secondary and primary schools in phases. Because a university student should be aware of his hygiene. Meanwhile, the vaccine will come gradually later. Everything is going on normally, only educational institutions are being closed and we are being pushed towards session complexity.



According to the students, everything is going on normally in the country. Only universities have been closed. We do not want all educational institutions to be open. The university should reopen even if alternative measures are taken. It is impossible for a university student to stay at home for 5 months. It has already become a 1-year session jam. The uncertain future is confusing the students.

However, it took longer to open an educational institution, said Prof. Qazi Shahullah, Chairman of the University Grants Commission (UGC). Recently, he said, corona infections may subside by the end of September. Nevertheless we want to further monitor the situation before taking decisions such as opening educational institutions. We do not want to put our students at any risk. I do not want to decide to open a university until the safety of the students is ensured.

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