Graduate students will get 50 thousand, 20 thousand rupees in HSC!

The Ministry of Liberation War Affairs has invited applications to award scholarships to the children / grandchildren of freedom fighters under this scholarship scheme in the financial year 2020-2021. Children Under the New India-Bangladesh Friendship Freedom Fighter Children Scholarship Scheme, 2,000 children / grandchildren of freedom fighters will be given scholarships. Under this scholarship scheme, scholarship will be given to one thousand students at upper secondary level and one thousand students at graduation level (children of freedom fighters

খবরটি বাংলায় পড়তে নিচে চলে যান

grandchildren). Scholarships will be given at the graduate level for fifty thousand rupees at a time and at the secondary level for higher secondary level rupees twenty thousand rupees. This information has been given in the press release of the ministry on Thursday. It said that the Indian High Commission and the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs in Dhaka would jointly implement the program with financial support from India and the government. Applications will be accepted from 15 September to 15 October. Detailed information will be available on the website of the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs. Zumbanglanews / SR

In the case of land robbers in his constituency MP Najeehal BNP. Harunoor Rashid. Addressing a parliamentary session on Wednesday, he alleged that a personal explanation was sought under Rule 284 of the Rules of Procedure. He told Parliament that the Leader of Parliament would resign if he wished. Addressing a special session of Parliament on Wednesday afternoon, he sought personal clarification under Rule 284 of the Rules of Procedure. Deputy Speaker. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Fazle was present at the session chaired by Rabbi Mia. The MP also expressed displeasure over the vehicle tax case. He said, “I have been sentenced to five years in prison in this case.” A



fine of Rs 50 lakh has also been imposed. He was stopped after filing an appeal in the Appellate Division, which again filed a writ petition. Why am I being embarrassed like this? According to the media, my seat as a Member of Parliament will be vacated this month. I have nothing to do with the court. If the Leader of Parliament (Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina) says that I will resign. I am not fab Addressing the Speaker, MP Harun said, “You are the protector of our Parliament.” We have 350 MPs here. Out of 350 people, 342 are members of the grand alliance. And we are 6 from BNP, one from Gana Manch. We are 8 opposition parties. There is a parliamentary leader here. I

submitted an application to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly on 4 April 2019 after being elected as an MP. On April 4 last year, a case of forgery was registered against my elder sister and my brother-in-law in my area. The case, filed in April last year, is long overdue. Today it has been 18 months. MP Harun said, “I am not guilty of this, I should be present regularly. My sister is around sixty years old, brother in law is 60 years old. She has to be present every month. I am begging again and again, I don’t want any fab. Whatever you investigate, you submit a report. I

am bringing the issue to the notice of the Home Minister. He has taken action. Sadly, when I did the session tomorrow at 4 pm Finished, then an SI from my district said, “Sir, I am transferring your case from the police station to the CID.” Why did you leave the case for 18 months? It could have been given to the CID 18 months ago. . This is not a case to be filed in CID. He said, “I am the MP of that region, I am the advisor of the Law and Order Committee, I will not get the remedy there. Why will I be harassed. A case since 18 months.” Pending? Why? I demand that the investigating officer suspending the case be held accountable.

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