University students will get internet for 100 rupees throughout the month

Government mobile operator Teletalk Bangladesh Limited will provide internet bandwidth at a nominal cost to continue the online education activities of students of public and private universities in the country. Students from all universities in the country using the BGREN platform operated by UGC will get this facility. Currently, 42 public and 6 private universities are using the BDREN platform.

খবরটি বাংলায় পড়তে নিচে চলে যান

Students will be able to participate in online classes through the Zoom application. For this, students should be under Teletalk Network. This facility will be available for 100 taka per month recharge. The recharged money will be credited to its original account. This money can be spent on voice calls and data. Instant money will be added to the next recharge. However, this feature cannot be availed if you recharge less than Rs 100 and there is no minimum data in the SIM.

BDREN sent a letter to all mobile operators, including Teletalk Bangladesh Limited, on 21 July, to ensure that students can access free online education resources. In response to Bidiren’s call, Teletalk issued a letter of consent on 27 August.


According to Teletalk, Teletalk feels fortunate to be involved in this initiative in the national crisis. Teletalk believes that through this initiative a large proportion of students will come into their network during online classes.



In this context, Bangladesh University Grants Commission (UGC) Chairman Prof Qazi Shahidullah said that the initiative to keep students online at the university level during the Corona epidemic is very timely. He thanked the Ministry of Education, Department of Posts and Telecommunications and Teletalk Bangladesh Limited for responding to the initiative to provide internet bandwidth at a nominal cost.

The chairman of the UGC thanked the Education Minister and the Telecom Minister for taking effective steps to provide free internet bandwidth to the students to keep the higher education activities of the country running.

The Education Minister recently expressed optimism that measures would be taken within the first week of September to allow students to use digital devices and the Internet at a lower cost.

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