MBA Centenary Scholarship

As Swansea University celebrates its centenary on 20 July 1920, as we reach the milestones of this time and celebrate Swansea’s remarkable achievements over the last 100 years, we also want to focus on a bright future .

Supporting student success is one of our main goals as a university and school, which is why, as part of our century, a fully funded £ 20,000 to enter the School of Management 2020 The MBA is providing scholarships.

Conditions for MBA Centenary Scholarship

Your studies should be fully self-financed
To be admitted to the full-time MBA program at Swansea University in January 2021 – you must have an unconditional offer and your place of study accepted.
Students enrolled in any other program at Swansea University will not be eligible for this award.
Students studying for a postgraduate certificate, postgraduate diploma or master’s degree by research will not be eligible for this award.
The scholarship will only apply as a tuition fee waiver for the first year of study; It cannot be combined with any other award.
Applicants are not eligible for other Swansea University awards such as Barsari / Scholarship or Home Sponsorship, but a Barsari recipient may apply for a high-value Swansea University Scholarship in the form of an MBA Honorary Scholarship which will automatically replace Barsari.

The MBA Centenary Scholarship is expected to assist Swansea University’s recruitment and marketing activities appropriately and to automatically agree with their names and descriptions published by the International Development Team for marketing, recruitment and marketing purposes of the University.
If it is considered necessary to suspend the scholarship holder’s studies, the scholarship will be held in the university account and will be extended to the year of resumption of studies and the candidate is expected to be paid based on their personal contribution.

The School of Management reserves the right to make, amend, suspend or suspend these, and these and other rules which may apply from time to time without notice and such decision shall be final.
For more information, please visit:—php

Administrative contact and how to apply
To apply, please create one of the following to answer how Tell us how much the MBA study will add to you and your community partners and submit to

4-5 minute video (.mp4)
4-5 minute podcast (.mp3)
1,500 word diary entry (.doc, .pdf or .ppt)
In case of your submission, you may want to include the following:

Why did you apply for an MBA in Swansea?
What values ​​do you bring to leadership?
How do you want to impact your organization, region and / or community after completing your MBA.

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